oliMy name is Olivia Ocaña-Quintana, and my idea for a translation enterprise started some years ago, though I still didn’t dare to take the plunge into the uncertainty of a freelancing career and remained a shy but enthusiastic part-time translator. Little by little, assignments became somewhat steadier and the feeling of joy after a job well-done started to outweigh the prospective challenges of becoming fully self-employed. As a result, and also thanks to the endless encouragement of family and friends, May 2012 saw the official launch of OOQ Translation Services. Although being my own boss has involved some ups and downs, translation remains for me a passion.

I was born in Madrid, Spain, and I speak 4 different languages and have improved them the only thorough way there is: by living, studying and working abroad for extended periods of time, in different capitals of the world like Madrid and Berlin, and in other superb cities like San Francisco, Rennes and currently Vancouver. As a firm believer in long-life learning, I am constantly keeping up with changes in my languages of fluency, target and source, and honing my intercultural mediation and interpersonal communication skills vital for working as a professional in an international environment. With my official translation education under my belt, I am well equipped to find the right solution for your linguistic challenges.

Extensive background in both translation studies and different subject matters, and over 10 years of experience in the fields of translation, interpretation and proofreading, prove me capable of undertaking projects with the utmost professional approach. I am a relationship builder and that is my focus in everything I do. It is important to me that you get the best results, so remain assured that I will go the extra mile for you!

When not in front of my computer, I like to take my life outside and enjoy hikes on the North Shore, relaxing at Spanish Banks with a good book, or firing up a bbq with my loved ones in summertime. We always meet at the same spot if wind and/or rain are not in the forecast!